Interhospital Rheumatology Meeting 2019
Interhospital Rheumatology Meeting 2019
Version: Dec 2018
Date Venue Chairperson Hospital Trainees Topic
 8 Jan 2019 205 KL Lee PYNEH  CK Au YK Chung IgG4 related disease
 12 Feb 2019 205 KH Ng CMC MH Chung JKH Yeung  Inflammatory myositis
12 Mar 2019 205 J Lee AHNH  LF Yeung SCW Chan Sjögren's syndrome
16 Apr 2019 205 KY Ying PMH  TY Wu YK Tang Eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis
14 May 2019 205 MH Leung QEH CCM Ng  J Lau Anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome
18 Jun 2019 M2 WN Lao KWH LTH Luk J So Scleroderma
9 Jul 2019 205 KF Lee YCH TY Wu JKH Yeung Beçhet's disease
13 Aug 2019 205 CS Lau QMH SCW Chan MH Chung Immune markers
10 Sep 2019 205 CC Mok TMH  YK Chung CM Ho  Systemic lupus erythematosus
8 Oct 2019 205 LS Tam PWH  J So YK Chung Giant cell arteritis and polymyalgia rheumatica
5 Nov 2019 M1 WL Ng UCH CCM Ng YK Tang  Gout
10 Dec 2019 M1 MC Wan RH LF Yeung ST Lam Osteoporosis 
14 Jan 2020 TBC CW Yim TKOH  LTH Luk J Lau Rheumatoid arthritis
11 Feb 2020 TBC TK Ho TWH TBC   Osteoarthritis

There are three sessions in each meeting. Each speaker is advised to limit the presentation to 20 minutes, including Q&A.

(1) Two trainees are assigned to each session on the same topic. Each trainee is to seek chairperson's instruction on choosing the particular aspect of the update and/or recent advances to focus. As part of their training, trainees must submit their presentation materials to respective chairpersons for comments 2 weeks before.

(2) Another fellow session as assigned by respective chairperson. Special Interest Group (SIG) presentations are welcome.

Venue: Hospital Authority Headquarter, 205: Room 205 A&B; M1 or M2: Seminar Room 1 or 2, M/F
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:10 pm (Tuesday)
APLAR (8-11 Apr 2019, Brisbane); EULAR (12-15 Jun 2019, Madrid); ACR (8-13 Nov 2019, Atlanta)

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