Interhospital Rheumatology Meeting 2017

Inter-hospital Rheumatology Meeting 2017

Version: Jan 2017

Date Chairperson Hospital Trainee / Fellow Topic
*10 Jan 2017    MH Leung   QEH Ho Tsz Chung   Biologics in systemic vasculitides
14 Feb 2017   WN Lao   KWH Wong Tak Lung   Adult onset Still’s disease – complication and updates in treatment strategy
*14 Mar 2017   KF Lee   YCH   Tse Yin Fung   Approach in selecting biologic therapy in refractory RA
11 Apr 2017   CC Mok TMH Chu Chiu Sum   Update in diagnosis and therapies in
Sjögren syndrome
9 May 2017   CS Lau   QMH Li Philip Hei   Two sides of the same coin:  Immunodeficiency and autoimmunity?
20 Jun 2017   LS Tam   PWH Ho Chi   Management of connective tissue disease related ulmonary arterial hypertension
11 Jul 2017   WL Ng   UCH Ho Tsz Chung   Is mixed connective tissue disease a distinct entity?
8 Aug 2017   MC Wan   RH  Wong Tak Lung   Clinical utility of myositis specific antibodies in management of inflammatory myositis
§12 Sep 2017   CW Yim   TKOH Tse Yin Fung   Assessment of disease activity and damage in large vessel vasculitis
10 Oct 2017   TK Ho    TWH   Tam Lydia   Paediatric rheumatic diseases relevant to adult rheumatologists
14 Nov 2017   KH Ng   CMC Ng Hoi Yan   Clinical and radiological
assessments of spondyloarthritis
*12 Dec 2017    KL Lee  PYNEH Yeung Wan Yin Role of musculoskeletal ultrasound in
the diagnosis and management of RA
9 Jan 2018   MY Law   TPH Ho Chi   Updates in ANCA vasculitis
13 Feb 2018   KY Ying   PMH   Chu Chiu Sum   Biologics in psoriatic arthritis – how to select?

There are two sessions in each meeting – (1) Trainee/fellow as assigned; (2) Another fellow session as assigned by respective chairperson

Trainees please submit their presentation materials to respective chairpersosn for comments 2 weeks before presentation
Each speaker is advised to limit the talk to 20 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A

Venue: Hospital Authority Headquarters, Room 205S

Time: 6:00pm - 7:10pm

*except 10 Jan 2017, 14 Mar & 12 Dec 2017 venue changed to Seminar Room 1, M/F. 
§ 12 Sep 2017, venue changed to Seminar Room 2, M/F.
EULAR (14-17 Jun 2017, Madrid); ACR (3-8 Nov 2017, San Diego)

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