Inter-hospital Rheumatology Meeting 2022
Inter-hospital Rheumatology Meeting 2022
Version: 14 December 2021
Date Venue Chairperson Hospital Trainee session Topic
11 Jan 2022 Z CH To POH Carolyn Lee (POH) IgG4 related disease
8 Feb 2022 Z CC Mok TMH Lam Tsz On (PWH) Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
8 Mar 2022 Z WL Ng UCH Tang Hoi Shan (NDH) Rheumatoid Arthritis
12 Apr 2022 Z MC Wan RH Ng Ching Man (RH) Sjogren Syndrome
10 May 2022 Z KL Lee PYNEH Tsoi Man Ho (PYNEH) Anti-phospholipid Antibody Syndrome
14 June 2022 Z CW Yim TKOH Wong Ka Ming (TKOH) Psoriatic Arthritis
12 Jul 2022 P KY Young CMC Lam Fung (POH) Inflammatory myositis
9 Aug 2022 P LS Tam PWH Lo Yan Yeung, Vincent (PWH) Vasculitis
13 Sep 2022 P MY Lee AHNH Chan Tin Ho (AHNH) Systemic Sclerosis
11 Oct 2022 P MH Leung QEH Cheung Ching Lam (RH) Immune markers
8 Nov 2022 P Carmen Ho QMH Wong Man Ho (YCH) Spondyloarthropathy
10 Jan 2023 P WN Lao KWH Zhou Dong Dong (OLMH) Osteoporosis
There are two sessions in each meeting. 30 minutes per session including Q&A.
  1. One trainee is assigned to each meeting. Trainee to discuss with chairperson on choosing the main theme of the topic.
Trainee must submit the presentation materials to respective chairperson for comment 2 weeks before the meeting.
  1. Another fellow session as assigned by respective chairperson. Special Interest Group (SIG) presentations are welcome.
Venue: Z: zoom meeting;   P: Pending   
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
EULAR (1-4 June 2022); APLAR (6-9 December 2022, Hong Kong); ACR (11-15 Nov 2022, Philadelphia)

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