Hong Kong Bulletin of Rheumatic Diseases
Volume 7, No. 1, July 2007

Review ArticlesZandman-Goddard G, Krauthammer A, ShoenfeldIntravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus1 - 6[PDF][PDF]
Review ArticlesChan KM and Ng KHClinical Assessment in Systemic Sclerosis7 - 13[PDF][PDF]
Review ArticlesChan HKY and Lee GKWAlternative Therapies in Rheumatic Diseases14 - 21[PDF][PDF]
Case ReportsSung CK and Kun EWA Lady with Purpura: Hepatitis C Virus Associated Mixed Cryoglobulinaemia22 - 25[PDF][PDF]
Biologics Registry: Updated ReportChan HKY and Lee GKW26 - 27 [PDF]
Clinical QuizTang WYM and Chan Y29 [PDF]
Highlights on International MeetingsHighlights on the Lupus Meeting in Shanghai31 - 34 [PDF]
Highlights on International MeetingsHighlights on the EULAR Meeting 200731 - 34 [PDF]

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