Hong Kong Bulletin on Rheumatic Diseases
Volume 11, No. 1, July 2011

Review ArticleGSK KwokRole of the Rheumatology Nurse Specialist in Managing Patients with Rheumatic Diseases1-3[PDF]Member Login
Review ArticleJKY YoungSafety and Precautions in Using Biologics or DMARDs in Patients with Chronic Viral Hepatitis B& C Infection4-10[PDF]Member Login
Case ReportCK Lam, PY Wong, CW Yim, WL NgRepeated Failure of Aortic Valve Replacement Associated with Behcet\'s Aortitis11-14[PDF]Member Login
Case ReportHT Pang and RML YipA Rare Cause of Inflammatory Low Back Pain15-18[PDF]Member Login
Biologics RegistryHKY ChanBiologics Registry: Updated Report20-21 Member Login
Clinical QuizRML Yip and HT PangA SLE Lady with Unexplained Dyspnea22-23[PDF]Member Login
Highlights on the EULAR MeetingHighlights on the EULAR Meeting 201125-27 Member Login
Highlights on the APLAR Scientific SymposiumHighlights on the APLAR Scientific Symposium 201128-30 Member Login
My Overseas Training ExperienceLW Kwok31 Member Login
Recent News and Events33-34[PDF]Member Login
Forthcoming Meetings35[PDF]Member Login

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