Hong Kong Bulletin on Rheumatic Diseases
Volume 15, No. 2, December 2015

ORIGINAL ARTICLE CTK Ho and CC Mok Consensus Statements on the Screening of Latent Tuberculosis Infection Prior to the Use of Biological Agents for Rheumatic Diseases in Hong Kong 39-44 Member Login
REVIEW ARTICLES YF Tse Screening and Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis in Biologics Users 45-49 Member Login
RSN Ng Undifferentiated Arthritis: Disease Course and Treatment 50-56 Member Login
CASE REPORT SPY Wong and HY Chung A Patient Suffering from Rapidly Progressive Peripheral Spondyloarthropathy 57-62 Member Login
Biologics Registry: Updated ReportR Wan and CC Mok 63-64  Member Login
Clinical Quiz TT Cheung A Woman with Painful Lower Limb Nodules 65 Member Login
Highlights on the APLAR Meeting 2015 66-70 Member Login
Highlights on the ACR Meeting 2015 71-74 Member Login
Recent News and Events 75-79  Member Login
Forthcoming Meetings 80 Member Login
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